Business Management and Business Administration in IT Consulting

Management Vs Admin1920

There is a natural division of courses at IT Service Provider University between business management and business administration. Here’s the difference.

Business administration is what most people think of when they consider what it takes to “run” a business on a daily basis. In other words, this is the practical side of running a business. How do you create procedures? How do you manage contracts? How do you allocate technicians to work and close tickets? All of those get to the practical day-to-day tasks of running your IT business.

Business management is more on the side of theory. What’s your approach to employee engagement? What are you mission, vision, and values? How does a code of ethics play into your support delivery? This is the entrepreneurial side of running a business, which is just as important as the practical side.

All classes have a little of each approach (practical and theoretical), but most are primarily one or the other. Here’s roughly how I divide these courses. Note that any student might choose to dig into any course from a specific perspective.

As you design your pathways to certification, it’s useful to consider a mix of these courses. In fact, you are very likely to take a number of courses from each list. You will naturally find that your business needs a healthy mix of both practical and theoretical knowledge.

We are here to help you map your pathway to certification. As you pick classes to take, one element to consider is taking a few courses from each list as you build your plan for education. If you assistance, please contact us. We are happy to jump on a Zoom call or help by email – whichever works best for you.

Good luck in your education!