Navigating Emerging Technologies for MSPs

Explore the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies to make informed strategic decisions for your Managed Services Provider (MSP) business. Gain practical skills in evaluating, adopting, and scaling new technologies, while incorporating financial modeling and risk management.


In this five-week course, you will delve deep into the strategic facets of leveraging emerging technologies and trends for Managed Services Providers (MSPs). As the technology landscape continually evolves, the ability to identify and integrate new technologies into your MSP service offerings can be a significant differentiator. This course is designed to equip you with the tools, frameworks, and practical skills necessary to not only adapt but also thrive in this fast-paced environment.

Week 1 sets the stage by helping you understand the analysis process of current technology trends and how they can impact your MSP business. You’ll learn forecasting techniques that empower you to anticipate technological shifts, giving you a competitive edge.

Week 2 focuses on equipping you with decision-making skills tailored to technology adoption. By understanding how to evaluate and prioritize technologies based on various criteria, you’ll be well-placed to make choices that align with both market demand and your company’s capabilities.

In Week 3, you’ll gain financial literacy specific to technology investments. Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or a technical lead, understanding the financial implications of your choices is crucial. You’ll learn about building financial models to calculate ROI, TCO, and payback periods, enabling you to make fiscally responsible decisions.

Risk and compliance are the central themes of Week 4. In today’s complex regulatory environment, integrating new technology into your offerings isn’t just a matter of technical compatibility; it also involves meeting compliance standards and managing risks. You’ll acquire skills to navigate this intricate landscape effectively.

Finally, Week 5 enables you to put all the pieces together. You’ll engage in practical exercises that teach you how to create pilot programs, adjust your existing service offerings, and develop strategic roadmaps for incorporating new technologies into your business.

Through a blend of lectures, examples, exercises, and group discussions, you will emerge from this course with a robust understanding of how to strategically leverage technology trends. Whether you’re a seasoned MSP professional or aspiring to become one, this course will provide you with valuable insights and skills to elevate your career and business.

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Automation, Entrepreneurship, Management, Organize Your Business, Sustainable Growth, Business Strategy

Technology Opportunity Identification: Gain the ability to identify and assess emerging technologies and trends relevant to Managed Services Providers.

Decision-making Skills for Technology Adoption: Gain understanding in using frameworks and criteria to make informed decisions about integrating new technologies into service offerings.

Financial Literacy for Technology Investments: Acquire skills in building and interpreting financial models to evaluate the ROI, TCO, and payback periods of technology investments.

Risk and Compliance Management: Learn about risk assessment frameworks and compliance requirements for adopting and implementing new technologies in services.

Practical Implementation Skills: Develop skills for creating pilot programs, adapting existing services, and formulating strategic roadmaps for technology adoption.

Dave Sobel

Dave Sobel

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Navigating Emerging Technologies For Msps 1400

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This class will be recorded. Each unit is generally posted within 24 hours of the live class. These recorded units will become the On-Demand class and you’ll have lifetime access to it.

Course Outline

Module 1 Class Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction  - Preview  
Unit 2 Live Class Information  
Module 2 Class Content
Unit 1 Scanning the Technology Horizon for Opportunities  
Unit 2 Evaluating and Prioritizing Emerging Technologies  
Unit 3 Financial Modeling and ROI for Technology-Driven Services  
Unit 4 Risk Management and Compliance in Technology-Driven Services  
Unit 5 Incorporating Emerging Technologies into Service Offerings  

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