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Front Office

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Who is the Front Office Pathway for?

The Front Office pathway is intended for all those non-technical people who make the business go – The office manager, bookkeeper, administrative assistants, marketing assistants, etc. This pathway has several courses that address the financial side of small business operations. But there are also courses on business strategy and understanding the core business model that makes the company successful.

Karl likes to remind people that your first hire should be an administrative assistant. And if you’re lucky, that person will become your office manager. So it makes sense to have a pathway that recognizes the central role these people play in a successful business.

In addition to onboarding clients and employees, the Front Office manages outgoing communications, newsletters, invoicing, and managing vendor payments. The courses in this pathway provide very practical knowledge about running the operations and a higher-level view of the business model and where all components fit together.

There are a lot of courses to choose from in this pathway. Whether you’re a seasoned office manager or another key front office position, you’ll find great courses here that will serve you well today and long into the future.

As with all the other pathways, these courses are filled with checklists, exercises, and handouts that will allow you to apply what you learn right away.