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Sales & Marketing

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Who is the Sales & Marketing Pathway for?

The Sales and Marketing pathway is intended for anyone who spends most of their time representing your company to people outside your company. This includes actual sales reps, of course, but also those working in social media, advertising, or attending local networking meetings.

In addition to actual training on sales and marketing, this pathway includes several courses that will help you understand the business models for managed services and cloud services, as well as the tools used to deliver those services effectively.

Through all of these courses, you’ll hear constant references to brand-building and culture. People who work in sales and marketing are constantly bringing information back and forth between your company and your clients and prospects. Sometimes this is outbound messaging; sometimes it involves collecting information and bringing it back inside the company.

Marketing needs to attract the right kinds of clients, interested in the right kinds of projects. Sales needs to sell the right solutions to the right prospects. The more you know about how a managed service business works, the more effectively this back-and-forth communication can flow.

As with all the other pathways, these courses are filled with checklists, exercises, and handouts that will allow you to apply what you learn right away.