MSP Professional Sales Program

Learn the industry’s best practices on the overall sales process from Prospecting, Qualifying, Needs Analysis and Assessments, Connecting your value proposition to the customers issues. Tips to get through the Sales Process faster and Closing the Deal!


The MSP Professional Sales Certification Program will include five live training sessions delivered in 60-minute classes. Designed for technology business owners, sales managers, and sales professionals, this training program covers industry best practices for selling contractual monthly recurring revenue.

Complete all 5 units – receive MSP Professional Sales Certification certificate

The MSP Professional Sales Certification Program includes five 60-minute trainings. After completing all five sessions, you will receive a sales certification from Kernan Consulting. All five sessions will be recorded LIVE and delivered with a PDF workbook. For more information on James Kernan or Kernan Consulting please visit:

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Core Pathway


Elective Pathway



Cloud Services, Entrepreneurship, Financial Processes, Marketing, Sales, Service Agreements, Sustainable Growth

Bring new prospects into your pipeline

Shorten the sales cycles

Increase average deal size

Sell value so you do not have to compromise on price

James Kernan

Instructor, Consultant, Author

For the past 12 years, James has served as a Principal Consultant for Kernan Consulting and provides Coaching, Advising and Mentoring programs to entrepreneurs and leaders. Kernan Consulting offers One on One Coaching, CEO Peer Groups, M&A Consulting and online training programs.

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Specialist Certification Pathways

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This class is currently offered on-demand and will be taught live in the next 12-18 months.
If you enroll in an on-demand course, you can attend future live classes at no extra charge.

Course Outline

Module 1 Class Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction  - Preview
Unit 2 Live Class Information
Module 2 Class Content
Unit 1 What is Value Based Selling?
Unit 2 Qualifying the Prospect - 8-Step Process for Qualifying
Unit 3 Sales Process
Unit 4 Framework for Successful Sales Departments
Unit 5 Negotiating/Closing

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