Powerhouse of One: How To Be A Super Successful Solo MSP

If you prefer to run a very small managed service business, you can be extremely successful – but you have to create excellent processes to make that happen. Multi-state MSP owner Lori Hardtke shows you how to grow your business to $350K and beyond without any additional full-time staff on your payroll.


Updated for 2022!

You hear it all the time, you need to work “on” your business not “in” your business. You need to hire staff and delegate in order to grow. But what if you could grow your business to $300K or more without any additional full-time staff on your payroll?

Tired of sitting in traffic to make that meeting across town and filling up at the pump every few days? What if you could master running your MSP practice remotely nearly 100% of the time?

Ever dream of having no monthly A/R and no debt?

Then this class is for you!

“The class Lori did was simply awesome. I learned so much. She is what I want to be when I grow up!”
– David Streit, Stephill Associates, LLC

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to pick the right vendors who become an extension of your company
  • How to position your micro-MSP to prospects and clients as though you have an army of employees behind you!
  • A different approach to packaging and pricing your offering
  • How to sell additional technology services that are pure profit
  • How to land new MSP contracts without leaving your office!
  • Tactics on raising rates and going after low hanging fruit
  • Creating automation so your business runs like clockwork
  • Conducting Technical Business Review (TBRs)
  • Finances – Increasing cash flow with Profit First
  • How to Live Your Business Dream
  • …And more tips-n-tricks to help you be different and think different!

Delivered by Lori Hardtke, MSP and Peer Advisor. Lori has been an MSP (managed service provider) for many years and runs a two-state business with no full-time employees.

This course is intended for business owners and managers. It is particularly useful for the Service Manager or Operations Manager.

Additional information

Elective Pathway

Front Office, Management, Sales/Marketing, Service Manager


Automation, Entrepreneurship, Financial Processes, Hiring & Training, Managed Services, Management, Marketing, Office Admin, Organize Your Business, Sales, Selling an MSP, Service Agreements, SOPs, Sustainable Growth

A different, simplified approach to packaging your Managed Services

How to grow revenue and net income without hiring any full-time staff

A quick start guide to Profit First and establishing quarterly bonuses

Tactics on utilizing engagement letters, pre-paid support agreements & raising rates

Automating your business to run like clockwork

Lori Hardtke

Small Business Technology Expert

Lori Hardtke is an MSP, technology educator and author who specializes in highly effective technology strategies for small to medium businesses. Lori has over 29 years’ experience in the Information Technology Industry covering the financial, insurance, medical, retail and HOA (Home Owners Association) management sectors.

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Specialist Certification Pathways

Meets Elective requirement:

This class is currently offered on-demand and is scheduled to be taught live starting Jan 11, 2022.
If you enroll in an on-demand course, you can attend future live classes at no extra charge.

Course Outline

Module 1 Class Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction  - Preview
Unit 2 Live Class Information
Module 2 Class Content
Unit 1 Vendors/Affiliations/Peer Groups
Unit 2 Sales Processes for Services that are Pure Profit
Unit 3 Plans, Pricing & Agreements
Unit 4 Finances – Increasing Cash Flow with Profit First
Unit 5 Automating Your Business to Run Like Clockwork

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