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Who is the Technician Pathway for?

The Technician pathway is intended primarily for technicians, but is also useful for all managers, sales people, and the front office staff. While we wouldn’t expect non-technical people to take all these courses, it is very helpful for everyone in your company to understand the technician’s role. After all, technicians deliver the core services your company offers.

We assume technicians will learn the specifics of hardware, software, and cloud services somewhere else. Here, the Technician pathway courses focuses on understanding the technician’s role in providing excellent service. This includes understanding the managed service business model, and where the “tech support” department fits in the “big picture.”

As you might guess, there’s a lot of emphasis here on SOPs – standard operating processes. Whether it’s using the ticketing system, documenting work, or documenting a project, SOPs help you turn excellent service delivery into a habit.

As with all the other pathways, these courses are filled with checklists, exercises, and handouts that will allow you to apply what you learn right away.