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Service Manager

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Who is the Service Manager Pathway for?

The Service Manager pathway is a magical combination of the Technician Pathway and the Owner/Manager Pathway. There’s a strong emphasis here on the rules and guidelines that guide the business. For example, we would expect the service manager to understand the role of service agreements more thoroughly than a technician. And some key courses that are “nice to have” for technicians are core courses for the service manager.

Like an owner, the service manager has to operate from a perspective that takes in the entire operation. But the service manager is also, by definition, the guiding force within the service department. In most cases, the service manager moved up from a technical position.


The courses here help the service manage in two ways. 

  1. First, they lay out a common knowledgebase with technicians about how the service department operates and how service is delivered. 
  2. Second, they provide a company-centric focus on operations that technicians don’t generally see or need to worry about.

There are a lot of courses to choose from in this pathway. Whether you’re a seasoned service manager or just moving into the position, you’ll find great courses here that will serve you well today and long into the future.

As with all the other pathways, these courses are filled with checklists, exercises, and handouts that will allow you to apply what you learn right away.