The Unbreakable Rules of PSA

Learn how to double your value to your clients and increase your profit with these powerful golden rules of PSA Service Ticket Systems.


IT Service Delivery in the 21st Century

PSA: Professional Services Automation tool

In this course, you will learn how to double your value to clients and increase your profit with these powerful golden rules of PSA Service Ticket Systems.

Coach Manuel focuses on the direct connection between your service delivery system, the value you give your clients, and your profit, and how to maximize each. He also gives an overview of Agile Service Delivery, an emerging method you must learn to stay competitive.

Whether you’re a one-person shop or have fifty employees, to be consistently profitable, you must have guidelines for how to break down the work in an organized fashion and how you will communicate with the client along the way.

You don’t have to be an MSP or even use a PSA to work efficiently and be profitable, but you do need a system and a method. These “golden” rules can be the seed for your own system if you have none, or you can adopt them in whole to enrich your existing methods. Either way, this is your opportunity to take your service delivery and your profits to the next level.

The course includes a thorough discussion of the unbreakable rules of service tickets as well as covering quality communication with every client. It will be time well spent!

Whether you’re a new “Computer Consultant” or an experienced Managed Service Provider, you need to create successful processes that will propel your company forward. Nothing is more critical to making profit than having the right processes and procedures in place!

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Core Pathway

Service Manager

Elective Pathway

Front Office, Management, Technician


Automation, Cloud Services, Financial Processes, Managed Services, Management, Office Admin, Organize Your Business, Sales, Selling an MSP, Service Agreements, SOPs, Tools (PSA, RMM, etc.)

Dramatically improve value to clients with golden rules of PSA

Increase your profit with golden rules of PSA

Create amazing automated processes

Standardize excellent communication with clients

Create great KPIs and reports of your success

Manuel Palachuk smiling at you

Manuel Palachuk

Entrepreneur, Coach, Author

He believes that small business is the backbone of the world and the service industry in particular is the heart! Manuel has 30 years of business, management, and training experience in the computer and electronics industries.

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5w11 Unbreakable Rules Of Psa

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Course Outline

Module 1 Class Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 Live Class Information  
Module 2 Class Content
Unit 1 The Modern Automated Service Desk, ROI, & Model  
Unit 2 The Power of the Widget, Working in Real-time  
Unit 3 Service Delivery Automation (Part 1)  
Unit 4 Service Delivery Automation (Part 2)  
Unit 5 Reports & Metrics, Looking into the Future & Getting everyone onboard  

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