Great Little Seminar is now IT Service Provider University!

Why the move?

The transition to ITSPU is more than just a name change.

We now offer Professional Certifications and Specialist Certification Pathways.

More questions?
Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your classes?

Your account and all of your classes were migrated over to the new site. Use your same credentials to log in. You may need to reset your password.

After you log in, see the “My Classes” link in your account menu.

You finished a class at Great Little Seminar.
Does this mean You’re certified?

Completing a class is the first step to earning your certification. After you complete a class, you’ll register and sit for the accompanying Certification Exam.

All of the exam questions can be found inside the 5-Week class. Each unit has a quiz section – this is probably new to you so go check it out! Use these questions to study for the exam.

Where should you start?

Everyone starts with the Foundations Class. This is true whether you’re brand new to ITSPU, or you’ve taken several classes at Great Little Seminar.

This course is intended as a “level set” understanding of managed services for all employees in all departments (service delivery, management, sales and marketing, front office, and finance). This course also includes a thorough introduction to the certifications offered at ITSPU.