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No problem – just re-register with Zoom (see button below) and check your email for confirmation. You’ll find the class link, and an “Add to Calendar” option – we highly recommend you do! :)

Coming soon! This unit will be recorded live and then posted shortly after.

The recordings (and handouts) are all inside Module 2, posted in its respective Unit. 

Scroll down to see the Class Outline and to skip around.

Yes – all registered students can attend live. New students were automatically registered.

If you originally took this class in a past year, you’ll need to register for the Zoom portion (see blue button below). 

Additionally, you may want to reset your progress so you can follow along. 
If so, let us know and we’ll do this for you.

Sure! All students require a separate account, so have them register as a student through this website and they’ll be good to go.

Please do not simply send them the Zoom registration link. Zoom registrations are audited and offending registrants will be notified and removed. This is never fun, please don’t do this.

Our classes are updated and taught live once every 12-18 months. As a registered student, you are able to retake the updated versions of class at no extra cost.

Zoom links may not be available for on-demand classes.

When a class’s live schedule is locked in, we’ll update the class with a Zoom link and you’ll see it here.
If you think this is an error, and the Zoom link should be available, let us know!

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