Primary Badge Graphic

Congratulations on earning a professional certification through IT Service Provider University!
Your certification or “badge” is a public display of your commitment to your own professional growth as a technical person focused on the “business” part of your career.

We hope that you will display your badge as a way to differentiate yourself from other technicians and other companies.

These guidelines describe the appropriate ways to display the logo you’ve earned the right to use in your business and your marketing. There are only a few restrictions. If you have questions, please contact us.

Badge Display Guidelines

The ITSPU Certified Professional Badge is visible from your personal logon at It is designed to work great on a white background, which means it works well for most printed material and many web sites. But, of course, you may have a need to display in other settings without a white background. 

Please adhere to these 4 guidelines when displaying your badge:

Appear in Entirety

The badge must always appear in its entirety. You may not separate out any components or display only part of the badge.


You may use a “grayscale” version of the logo in order to print within a monochrome environment such as a black and white laser printer. In digital media such as a web site, the badge should always be displayed in color. Only use a monochrome version when necessary.


When placing the badge inside a container or near other design elements, make sure to give the badge a comfortable amount of space. Use the “X” in the example below as a guide for establishing the minimum amount of space around the entire logo. In this case, the X is equivalent to the height of the bar across the middle of the logo.

White Interior

The interior of the badge should always be white. When using it on a colored background, do not fill the badge interior with any other color.

Examples of what to do