How to register for and access class

Follow along as we register for a class, access the class content, and move through the units.

If you are new to this site, this is the best place to start.

Registering For Class

00:00 – 07:45
How to view class details and register for a new class.

Navigating the Class Unit

07:45 – 16:31
Accessing class content, viewing recordings, downloading handouts.

Your Classes

16:31 – 18:35
Viewing all of your registered classes at once.


[00:00:05.000] – Karl Palachuk
IT Service Provider University helps you improve the business side of your business

[00:00:10.470] – Kara Schoonveld
Hello and welcome to the IT Service Provider University website. Today we’re going to talk about how to register for a class. So we are at and first things are, if you are already a student at or if you were a student at Great Little Seminar, you want to start by logging in.

[00:00:30.390] – Kara Schoonveld
Simply click the login button here in the header and login using your same credentials that you had a Great Little Seminar if you already had those. And of course, if you’re not sure what your password is, you can always reset it by clicking the “Lost Your Password” link. If you have trouble still logging in, just send us a note and I can help you out.

[00:00:49.590] – Kara Schoonveld
I’m going to register as if I’m a brand new student. And so starting from the home page, I can either click over to browse all of the classes or I can just scroll down and see what classes we have coming up. These three classes that we see are featured as the next live classes. We have both live and on-demand courses here at, and “live” simply means that each class is taught in five separate units, one class per week and live by the instructor, which means that you’ll log on to a Zoom webinar with the instructor and be able to ask questions in real time and follow along in class that way. On demand simply means that the classes are all accessible via recordings and you’ll still get the same class experience in terms of the handouts and the recordings and seeing the class being taught live just at a previous state.

[00:01:40.170] – Kara Schoonveld
Let’s go ahead and check out the Powerhouse of One, how to be a Super Successful Solo MSP by Lori Hardtke. We see if I mouse over that, this pops up and if I know that I already want to add it to my cart, I can just click that from here. But let’s say I want to know some more information about the class itself, so we can click onto the title.

[00:02:01.970] – Kara Schoonveld
This will take us to the class page and gives us a bit more information. We have the sort of in-a-nutshell, what we can expect out of the class. And also we can watch an introduction by Karl Palachuk about what the class is, what to expect and sort of a breakdown of each unit.

[00:02:18.490] – Kara Schoonveld
Then scrolling down, we see the description in more detail. We can also see what the overall objectives are for the class, a bit about the instructor, and we can click through to see, in this case, Lori’s full profile and any reviews. This site just launched not too long ago, so we don’t have any reviews yet, but with luck, we’ll have those for you to look over before deciding to register for a class.

[00:02:48.270] – Kara Schoonveld
Over on the right hand side, we get some more good information. Since these are live, interactive classes, we see that they’re available in five consecutive Tuesdays starting January 11 and ending February 8, and each class begins at 09:00 A.M. Pacific and lasts for a minimum of 50 minutes. Sometimes they’ll last for over an hour, depending on the availability of the instructor and also the number of questions asked by students during class. Each unit will also come along with handouts and sometimes external resources. And of course, you’ll have full lifetime access to each class, meaning that even if you register for the class currently, you’ll still have access to future updates when the class comes around again to be taught live.

[00:03:31.470] – Kara Schoonveld
Now, this information is the same for all live classes in terms of it being five consecutive Tuesdays, and they all begin at 09:00 A.M. Pacific, so that’s always the class structure. If you do choose to register for an on demand class, then you can take that as you see fit. So you could even choose to go through all of the class content in a single day if you wanted to.

[00:03:55.170] – Kara Schoonveld
Scrolling down, we see that this particular class meets the Specialist Certification Pathways as an Elective requirement for Management, Front Office and Service Manager, and you can simply click into these to see more information about the Pathway and what other classes are recommended as an elective or required as a Core class. And lastly, a note and a reminder that this class will be recorded so each unit is generally posted separately and within about 24 hours of the Live class.

[00:04:22.790] – Kara Schoonveld
And these recorded units then become the on demand class and you’ll have lifetime ongoing access to it. I should note that next time the class is taught live that these on demand recordings will be updated to reflect the most recent offering. So you’ll always have access to the most recent offering of the class.

[00:04:41.730] – Kara Schoonveld
If we scroll down, we can see what the course outline is. We can’t click into any of the links that are just in black text, but we can click into any link that is an introduction or preview to the class.

[00:04:56.840] – Kara Schoonveld
This is accessible to everyone. As a hint, this will largely be some information from the description and then it will also include the course introduction, but it does also give you sort of a sneak peek of how the class layout will look if you do decide to register.

[00:05:14.790] – Kara Schoonveld
Let’s go ahead and add this class to the cart. Obviously, we just simply click Add to Cart and in a moment we’ll see the pop out from the cart on the side here. And if we want to get back to this section, we have the cart in the header. The number one says that I have one class in the cart.

[00:05:34.150] – Kara Schoonveld
There it is. You could choose if you added something by mistake or changed your mind. Just click the X here and it will take it out of the cart. And then you can either go to your cart or directly to the checkout. For our case, I like to just go directly to the checkout.

[00:05:49.410] – Kara Schoonveld
And so if we head over here, if you are a member of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community, now would be a great time to go over to the membership site to get your discount code. And if you forget to do that until you get here, there is a link out of here for ease. And then you would just click into this box here to enter your code. And if you are a member of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community, a reminder that any of the classes here are available at no additional charge to you. And you do also get great discounts on the certification exams.

[00:06:24.450] – Kara Schoonveld
So once you enter your code or not, then we just simply fill out the billing details here, the payment information here using a credit or debit card and then simply place your order. I’m going to go ahead and pause the video so that I can complete this section.

[00:06:45.790] – Kara Schoonveld
We’re back. I’ve just submitted my order and this takes you to the thank you page. And from here the easiest way to access my class is simply to click on the link here. This will take us back to our class page which we saw just a minute ago.

[00:07:06.050] – Kara Schoonveld
But now instead of an Add to Cart button, we see that there is a Continue Class button. And so this will be true anywhere that there would have been an add to cart button. If we go to the home page, for example, we’ll even see it when we browse down here and now it says Continue class instead of on another class, it will still say Add to Cart.

[00:07:28.020] – Kara Schoonveld
So the best thing to do when you come to, is always to log in and make sure that you’re logged in. You’ll see your name up here and this will just be a really simple way for you to access your class and it will bring you to the most recent unit that you have completed.

[00:07:44.590] – Kara Schoonveld
So I can just simply click Continue Class here and it will take me in this case I can see the unit is the Introduction. So let me go over sort of the anatomy of how the class works. So this is actually inside the class handouts are going to be on the right hand side. But since this is the introduction, there are no handouts. But we do just see a note that lets us know that they are inside of module two and that there’s a class outline below.

[00:08:13.270] – Kara Schoonveld
There’s also a note that we should mark a unit as Completed at the bottom of the page in order to move forward in the class so we can scroll down. And this is the introduction. So like I mentioned before, this is the video from Karl and then just some general information about the class and what the primary objectives are.

[00:08:35.310] – Kara Schoonveld
Let’s go ahead and move forward in the class and remember, we need to Mark it as Completed and once it’s marked as completed, then we have the option to move forward to the next unit before we mark it as Complete. On the course outline here, we see that they’re still all in regular text. They’re not hyperlinked yet like the first unit is, but as soon as I click into the next unit now we can see that Live class information is available. We also see that introduction has a light blue background to it and that means that I’ve completed that unit and that’s why this one has opened up from this point. Forward Module One, Unit Two, and Forward in the class.

[00:09:20.480] – Kara Schoonveld
This is all content that’s only available to registered students. So from here we can now start adding things that would have been otherwise unavailable to you as a non student. The Live Class Information unit is simply to give you some information about how to access the Live class when there is a Live offering. For example, right now this class began on January 11 at 09:00 a.m. Pacific, so we have some quick FAQs.

[00:09:49.410] – Kara Schoonveld
I’m registered but lost the Zoom link. How to find the recording. If you can still attend the Live class even though you took it a few years ago, who can join and how often are they taught Live? And you can simply click into these to check the answers. And if you’re curious about the answers here, you can just simply pause the video and take a look at what these answers are.

[00:10:17.690] – Kara Schoonveld
If you registered while the class was marked as Live or it’s going to be Live soon, that means that you are automatically registered for the Zoom portion of the class. Go ahead and check your email that you registered with. You’ll get a confirmation email from Zoom and within that there will be a file to download so that you can add it to your calendar. And again, that will show up for five Tuesdays beginning at 09:00 a.m. Pacific time.

[00:10:45.430] – Kara Schoonveld
If you do not see that email or you just can’t find it for whatever reason, you can simply click Register for Zoom. This will pop you out into a new tab and you can re-register. You’ll use the same email as you did for class here and it won’t actually re register you and add you as a student. Again, it will just resend that confirmation email for you. If you have any questions on that, you can just send us an email.

[00:11:13.790] – Kara Schoonveld
So this gives you a little bit of information about Zoom. And especially if this is your first time, you can read through this and otherwise, if you want to get to the content of the class, that all starts in module two. So let’s click Next unit that will bring us down to the bottom here. Again, we need to mark this unit as Complete and then we can click Next Unit.

[00:11:48.070] – Kara Schoonveld
All right, so now we have the actual content of the class. And so remember, this class started on January 11 and today happens to be the 24th. So I missed a few of the classes of the live classes. Or maybe I’m someone who went to the live class, but when I go back and watch the recording and get the handouts. So this is all available right here.

[00:12:07.620] – Kara Schoonveld
This is a recording from January 11 and then also all of the handouts from that day. And if I click it, then it will automatically download to my local computer or wherever I have download set to download to. If I scroll down, this will tell us what this particular unit is about and what the three objectives for this particular unit are. We can also click over to the Read Transcript. And this is a transcript of the entire video.

[00:12:33.500] – Kara Schoonveld
You could choose to if you wanted to search through it. You can hit Control F on your keyboard and search through for any particular buzzwords. And if there are any extra resources, then those can be found here. In this case, Lori linked out to the story of a Mexican fisherman and you can click here. This will take you to a new tab and can let you read or look through the resource that Lori wanted to make available.

[00:12:58.690] – Kara Schoonveld
So this again is all of the information for unit one. And then when you’re ready, you can come down and take this quiz, answer it to the best of your ability. Obviously you still have access to both the video and the transcript if you want to use those to help you answer the questions. And then when you’re done, hit submit answers and then you’ll be able to move forward in the class.

[00:13:30.110] – Kara Schoonveld
I’m just going to go through and answer these questions without actually reading them. We don’t recommend that you do this. Take the time to actually check yourself and see what you know to be true. I’m just using this for demonstration purposes, of course. So I did pretty lousy here.

[00:13:50.180] – Kara Schoonveld
Just randomly guessing. Of course, you can download your results and you can see how well you did. You can use this to actually study for if you want to actually sit for the exam. So these questions are what will make up an aggregate with all of the units combined will make up the actual certification exam. So it’s a great study tool.

[00:14:15.550] – Kara Schoonveld
And now we see that once we have submitted our answers, regardless of how we did on the quiz, we now have access to the next unit and we can simply click Next Unit.

[00:14:31.470] – Kara Schoonveld
And now we have Unit Two. So this was the second week of the class. We have new handouts to download, a new video to watch. Again, we have what the unit is about and the objectives, the transcript. And in this case there were not any extra resources or links from the class.

[00:14:50.370] – Kara Schoonveld
And then we click through and choose some answers here.

[00:14:58.510] – Kara Schoonveld
Again, you will do much better than I am, but primarily I want to show you what it looks like when a class is not available is on demand yet. Oh, even worse. Three out of eleven. You guys must do better than that. All right, let’s click into the next unit and Lori will actually be live with this unit tomorrow at 09:00 A.M. Pacific.

[00:15:30.050] – Kara Schoonveld
So obviously there is no recording available, but we do have access to tomorrow’s handouts. These are typically added this Sunday before the unit is scheduled to go live, but certainly they will be up by the day that it would be live. So in this case, no later than January 25, these handouts would be available. So again, we saw these FAQs inside the live class information unit.

[00:15:55.590] – Kara Schoonveld
So these are the same ones. And you can get kind of an idea ahead of time what the unit is about and what the objectives are. And you can even take a look right now at what the questions are. We may change when we add the quiz to the unit. We may wait to actually add that until after the class is available on demand or the unit is available on demand.

[00:16:15.710] – Kara Schoonveld
But for now, you do have access to that. And so from here, this is really all the further that we want to go in class since we haven’t actually experienced this unit live with Lori or on demand. And so that is how you access your class.

[00:16:31.830] – Kara Schoonveld
Another way that you can do it is if you are logged in and head over to your courses page. I’m only registered for the one class here right now, but you may be registered for several, many, all of them potentially.

[00:16:47.080] – Kara Schoonveld
And you’ll see a list of all of those here. Just one after another. You can obviously see how much progress you’ve made and if it’s the case of an exam that you have set for then under certificate, it will let you know if you’ve earned it or not. If you want to jump back into your class from your courses page, you can simply click here. This will expand the outline of the class and you can see these are all of the units that you’ve completed.

[00:17:14.400] – Kara Schoonveld
So they are clickable and they also have the blue background that lets you know you have completed them. But you can always go back and revisit those as needed and they do Mark your quiz grades, however lousy they might be. And then we can see this one in blue. This is a unit that I’m currently working on, so I can click into that unit straight from here. If you want to head over to your account to see what your orders are, change your password, things of that nature, you can do that.

[00:17:42.240] – Kara Schoonveld
And then of course, you can browse the FAQs or send us a message here, but that and maybe not so much of a nutshell is how you register for a class and also how you access the on demand portion as well as where to go to get handouts for the live upcoming class.

[00:17:59.440] – Kara Schoonveld
If you do have questions after watching this, please do send us an email. You can send that to [email protected] or as you’ve seen [email protected]. Those both go to the same team of folks including me, Karl, Nai and a few others and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you inside class.